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We specialize in high-level IT services. Sure, we can do the easy stuff like re-install windows and replace a hard drive but that's not where we are needed the most. Here are the IT services we excel at:

  • Managing Servers (Set up, installation, monitoring, management)
  • Microsoft SQL Server management
  • Microsoft Exchange management
  • Cisco routers, switches and network management
  • Data management and data archiving
  • Cloud data solutions
  • Software support and management (Accounting, Dental, Finance, government)
  • Website design and custom web application programming
  • Graphic design, audio / video conversion, animation
  • Streaming audio / video
  • IT security (Firewall, IDS, sensors, monitors, SSL, TLS)
  • Backup and disaster recovery, offsite data backup
  • Website, email, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server hosting
  • SEO, Website marketing, social media marketing
  • We are Microsoft partners

These are some of the specialized IT services we have to offer. We have been in business for almost 20 years and we have  offices in Canada and one in the USA.

What makes us better than other IT companies? We can diagnose and fix ANY IT issue faster than anyone else. Because of our years of experience and vast expertise in many different areas, we are more knowledgeable and more efficient than others who offer similar services.

We have expertise in the online side of business too including expertise with:

  1. Domain names
  2. DNS
  3. Blacklists
  4. We are Google partners
  5. Internet tracking and communication

When we provide monitoring and management, that means we actually login to your server(s) and network and actually look at the logs, health and efficiency of your equipment. Other IT companies install monitoring software that sends information to a 3rd party service on the cloud. This is unsecure and comprimises the security of your network. It also uses bandwidth and computer resources unecessarily. If efficiency, speed and security are a concern for your network then Webenergy is your obvious choice. We don't install 3rd party software to monitor your servers or network.

We can offer a complete IT needs assessment for your business from your website right down to your backup and disaster recovery plan. Here is what we can offer our expertise and advice for whe it comes to IT business solutions:

  1. Server efficiency, roles, active directory policies, features, security, access control
  2. IT security, network security, physical security, ID cards, cameras, alarms
  3. Mobile device management, smartphone apps, security
  4. Software support, management, consultation
  5. Computer hardware, accessories, scanners, printers
  6. Cloud services, iCloud, Google, OneDrive, Webenergy cloud
  7. Data backup, disaster recover plans, offsite backup
  8. Website technology, SEO, social media
  9. Website services, website hosting, web technology

We cover everything when it comes to business IT operations. We've been doing this for almost 20 years and we have invested to obtain the best partnerships, education and training to stay on top of technology.

Call us today for a FREE consultation. Let us show you how to run efficiently and save money!

Montreal: 514-892-3788
Halifax: 902-401-7689
North Carolina: 919-799-9076


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